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Alternative for Print screen Button on Windows 10

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Awesome Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows 8 Too - Planet G… Another good efficiency shortcut is the Windows Key + Tab Key. This shortcuts opens the Windows Task View. This is useful when you have multiple windows open and want to jostle between windows more quickly. New Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts [List] | Redmond Pie Windows 10 has now been with us for a number of days with initial consumer reaction suggesting that it’s a hit with those who have already upgraded from Windows 7 or 8.1. Sitting amongst the many changes and improvements within Windows 10… print key – EveryDayTips

Windows 10 keyboard Shortcuts List and Cheat-sheet Find, print, learn all the awesome windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Windows 10 also introduced some new best keyboard shortcuts that will speed up things. List of the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows XP Describes the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Windows XP to complete many tasks. Keyboard shortcut - Wikipedia For instance, Microsoft differentiates keyboard shortcuts from hotkeys ("mnemonics" on Windows) whereby the former consists of a specific key combination used to trigger an action, and the latter represents a designated letter in a menu… Keybord Shortcuts v1 | Keyboard Shortcut | Control Key